High End  -  All handbuilt by the best Luthiers -
We love to work with this builders from; Germany, Poland, Sweden and USA.

We are excited to start working with UNICORN from Sweden. A top notch bassbuilder that is among the best! We have a special 6 string fretless on order!

Marleaux in Germany made this Diva 6 sold to USA, we picked the top wood and made the choices; Alder body with Ebony board.

MTD soulful 5 and 6 strings from Woodstock, USA. Well known basses played by groove players like Bobby Lewis, Andy Gouche and many more. We have an 630-24 

BSX from Pennsylvania, USA makes the best Electric Upright we tried.
We have a special shortscale 1/4 Allegro in our showroom.

REBUILD #1 IBANEZ GWB35, made into a 30 inch shortscale, headless with Delano PU and EQ.