Customize your NEO bass

We have spent all the time needed to customize your bass to perfection. This is a high end 30 inch bass that was developed with Christian Olsson from UNICORNBASS and Johan Maximilian from Basstradersweden. 

It is important to understand the concept of the build, it is a bass with the highest custom specifications and you are only to make 4 choices when ordering the bass of your future. If you want something else (any changes like a different scale length, wood choices, PU/ electronics etc) then this is not for you. Then you need to place that order directly with Christian, on the other hand this concept saves you many long nights thinking of the perfect combinations, which is endless. We are proud of the new NEO!

During our many meetings with good coffee and the mindset of nerds that talk about every detail and with our experience with a background in playing and building basses for many years, we came to an conclusion.
In owing, building and playing basses like: Fodera, MTD, Alembic and many of the top end handbuilt instruments out there, this is the core of the new NEO.

The facts                                                                               Why
30 inch scale with 4, 5 or 6 strings                             -  The most comfortable scale with full bottom, even on low B

17 mm for 6 str. , 18 mm for 5 and 4 str             -  Our conclusion for the best playability
20 mm thicknes at 1st fret                                         -  Same feel as a 60`s Jazzbass
Bolt on                                                                                   -  For a more vivid and alive sound

Nickel or Steel strings                                                  -  A big part of your sound, we recomend (120)-100-80-60-40-(30)
All Black hardware and saddle in ebony            -  ETS bridge were you can adjust the width, best look

Fretted or Fretless with lines                                  -  Your sound, your voice!
Special long elbow cut                                                  -  Optimized for classical sitting position and comfortable standing

1 UNICORN PU, wooden cover all passive      -  Best of two worlds, Passive straight to jack, no compromize
Active elctronics                                                              -  Tweakable sound,
with EQ under an magnetic hood on the back
PU placement in sweetspot Jazz/MM                 -  We found the sweetspot, no need for 2 PU´s, so estetic

No Knobs, two discrete switches on front        -  Switching coils to bridge/both PU´s/ neck, active on/off, very versatile

Select Alder body and Ebony board                     -  One of the warmest and most distinctive combinations 

Vintage White, Sparkle Red or Matt Black      -  Colors to die for and they will never go out of style

Matching headstock with Mahogany inlay     -  Were details get out of this world

Your choices are the ones with brown text above but please go on with the guide below.